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Nope, he does not Bite!

Submitted by Rubicon, Apr 8, 2009 00:17

The New York Times seems to always want to portray anything & everyone who opposes America actually defending herself, as victims of American oppression. When actions are patently obvious, the NYT concedes & prints a story admitting a wrong has been done. They reported the 9-11 attacks because, they were right in our faces & there could be no denying or obfuscating the facts. But, they also have lent copy & credence to those who want to portray the 9-11 attacks as a government plot or an inside job or a Jewish conspiracy. Get real!

The NYT has outlived its usefulness & long ago lost its actual credibility among any who read the news & learn the facts. The "Bush Hate" thing the NYT & other liberals have going, is growing old. Al Qaida & other terrorist organizations have made it clear they still intend to attack, despite the emergence of what the media call "our royalty" when referring to President Obama & his wife. They come across as pathetic, at best.

Perhaps most disconcerting is the media's almost concentrated effort to portray anything at all conservative or a conservative issue, as bad, wrong, crazy, & dangerous. When one listens to or reads almost any liberal media program or article, they spend a great deal of time trying to discredit anything & everything that has to do with a conservative. They not only do themselves a disservice, they do serious harm to their own nation. We can be a nation that respects & participates in the global community. However, we are one nation & we are the nation, next to Israel, that enemies desperately want to destroy.

Taking up for the downtrodden, for the little guy, for the long shot, is an American tradition. But what these folks stand up to defend, is NOT something with any amount of good. Worse is that the NYT & other liberal media outlets not only defend the little guy, they also attack & denigrate America as they do it. Bush may or may not be a man to hate or despise. But, just because you do not like him is no reason at all to attack America or to portray any of her efforts as wrong, dangerous, despicable, murderous, & vile.

Yet these supposed journalists fail to realize it is they & their touted freedom of speech & expression that will be directly attacked by those they now defend. They will offer or accept no compromise. They will destroy these people & their organizations, in a heartbeat. In fact, these enemies, who actually hate America, hate the American press just as much if not moreso! These same liberal types should realize or take into account what these enemies would do to the radical liberals of America like the Hollywood types, homosexuals, community organizers, women in general, etc. They will be among the very first to taste real oppression & know real fear as they become the targets of a radical ideology that calls only for submission or death!

The NYT & other liberal media outlets, as they slowly fail, are only getting what they truly deserve!


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