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How unfair the terrorist laws are

Submitted by Dave Eagle, Sep 19, 2016 13:45

yep if they're not not a foreign sovereignty state, the crimes against them are just nomad, they have no right to sue back


It's a matter of convenience

Submitted by Lee, Sep 1, 2016 13:02

So, when it's a political, antisemitic issue against the Jews and the State of Israel, 'Palestine' exists. However, when it is called to be accountable, it's no longer a state. Interesting, considering that the majority of the funds with which the PA/PLO would have paid the settlement would be coming from .... the United States!


I have a question

Aug 31, 2016 17:31

The lawsuit, Sokolow v. PLO, was brought by American victims and survivors of six terrorist attacks in Israel between 2001 and 2004 during the Al Aqsa Intifada. Evidence showed that the PA and PLO, then ruled by Yasser Arafat, supported cells that orchestrated the machine gun and bombing attacks and continued to pay the terrorists responsible as they served time in Israeli prisons....

In Sokolow, the 2nd Circuit ruled, the Palestinian Authority is not even a state, and lacks a sufficient operating base in the United States to meet the legal threshold for jurisdiction.

I have a question: As Palestine is not even a state does this mean that all the crimes committed against the Palestinians by the zionist regime are not punishable?


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