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What About Hamas Terrorists Do People Not Understand?

Submitted by Yadja, Jul 19, 2016 10:56

Folks Gaza is a City. It has been around for centuries. There is no Palestine. I get so sick of this charade. Hadrian the Roman named the area Pilitstina, Philistine in Latin to insult the Jews. There is no Palestine.

The Jordanians ran the Jews and Arabs off their lands into Gaza and in 2006 Gaza was the third largest refugee camp in the world. The Jews left the Arabs stayed and it is those Arabs who elected Hamas, a Terrorist group as part of their governing body.

Nothing they do to praise murdering thug, savage Muslims surprises me.



Submitted by Michael Fox, Jul 18, 2016 21:34

The Israelis don't have to punish the Palestinians. While the corrupt and impotent Palestinian government builds monuments to murders, its people live in abject poverty. They are generationally doomed to a miserable life of ignorance and hopelessness.

It is G-d's punishment.


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