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Jul 12, 2016 17:19

My late Father, a world war II Navy veteran, who spent 4 years in the South Pacific, had for warned us 25 years ago of those who would seek to sabotage America. Greed does NOT discriminate! "Social justice', and "diversity" were also pervasive cries from the "American bund', and, the "Hitler youth", organizations as far back as the late 1930s were donating to certain political and government entities. This is not a new game plan sought to destroy us.


Everyone's in on it

Submitted by Liz Wagner, Jul 6, 2016 08:48

I've wondered if RICO could be used, too. But it seems the government is so fully involved, and that is why The Post and virtually all other MSM use CAIR as a clean and reliable source and never inform readers as to who and what CAIR really is. Supposedly, the FBI severed ties to CAIR, but even that doesn't seems questionable to me. It seems more like the FBI made that announcement, but doesn't do anything about CAIR. That's why the media can pretend CAIR is legitimate.


Arab Oil funding and owning Western Media lock stock and Barrel!!

Submitted by Ronald Dumont, Jul 5, 2016 20:03

Let all face the facts!

Arab Oil and the Arab Leadership are funding and buying our politicians and Lobbyists, hence also buying up, thus owning Western Media lock stock and Barrel!!

Money is their only weapon in the USA!

They know we can not be invaded or conquered by the USA by force!

We will be conquered by stupidity and greed by these Islamic Cult leaders who would rather spent their money on conquering us than helping their own people!

CAIR is a full blown propaganda and terrorist group, hell bend on enslave every one in the USA under their Islamic banner of enslavement and entrapment!

Our education and legal system allows CAIR and all the Other Islamist groups and organizations to use our very own Laws and resources to enslave us!

This must stop this is a RICO statue crime base on money laundering, all out fraud, and criminal assocaiation with known Islamic terrorist groups and State!


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