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Blame It On The Jews

Submitted by Michael Fox, Mar 14, 2016 18:06

Like Donald Trump, the Palestinian appeal is not to common sense but to raw emotion. The Palestinians who see themselves as "the forgotten" and victims of a global system that is skewed to favor the "have's" over the have not's" have projected their angry frustration onto their most accessible target, Israel and the Jews. The corrupt Palestinian leadership which for decades has exploited and incited the masses has skillfully managed to deflect and redirect Palestinian discontent away from their own failure to produce anything other than a continually growing list of dead and buried martyrs.

The same is true of ALL the corrupt dictators in the Islamic Middle East. Create a hated enemy to take the eyes of the downtrodden illiterate masses away from their leadership's own failure to relieve generations of poverty and to focus their unending dissatisfaction onto "them"



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