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American Palestinians

Submitted by William Bock, Mar 10, 2016 15:57

Joe Biden is a puppet of Barack Hussein Obama. Obama embraces Palestine and loathes Israel. What ever words Biden has to say are meaningless.


Obama's policies and Palestinian terror

Submitted by Ron, Mar 9, 2016 06:31

Biden has condemned terrorist attacks against "children, women, and innocent people":

1. That's nice. I wonder if he sees any connection between the Obama policy towards Israel and Netanyahu and these attacks. Obama has made it clear that America is less interested than ever in supporting Israel. He thinks that the two sides are morally equal: the one that refuses to recognize an extant state because (and only because ) it is not a Muslim state, and the one legitimate extant state that seeks to live in peace with a Palestinian state that also seeks to live in permanent peace.

2. Why can't Biden have condemned terrorist attacks against "children, women and men"? Are men somehow less " innocent " in a nation that conscripts both sexes?

3. Has Biden condemned either Hamas or the party of PA President Mahoud Abbas, or merely "terrorists"?

4. Who does he think he's kidding?


If one of the perpetrators escaped, how do you know he is palestinian

Submitted by ron, Mar 9, 2016 06:22

I noticed that all the perpetrators are described as being Palestinians. Are not some of them possibly Muslim Israeli citizens fighting for the Palestinian cause?


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