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Submitted by Christian, Mar 22, 2016 18:15

My reaction to ANY type of lethal or intimidating, or threatening action would TOTALLY depend on #1] The TYPE of attack; #2] the attacker[s?]; #3] The place of the attack; #4] My conditions, (whether I'm armed, [with ANY sort of weapon]; AND WHAT type of weapon I have; -- AND who, besides me, is threatened, and WHAT my abilities make possible.

ALL of these "circumstancial realities" have a DIRECT impact on my decision making...no matter HOW fast & hard the attack! I'd STILL be calculating, AS I resisted...or...fled.

As to the above scenario, I'd take into account the various particulars, AS I sought cover, -- which I WOULD do FIRST; {and I'd HOPE I had the necessary weaponry}!

BUT, I WOULD DEFINITELY do my best to utilize COVER, ...both, (for getting a "take"/"view" of the attack scene),... AND, (in order to better determine what sort of response I could/should make).

"ATTACK RESPONSE" is NOT about being a "HERO", it IS about making proper decisions, in REAL WORLD REALITIES, and doing my best to "get it right"! For the sake of myself and others.


Martial Arts

Submitted by Free Speech, Mar 8, 2016 11:07

Sorry, kids, but a death from friendly fire in response to a stabbing attack is on the edge of unforgivable. A correctly/adequately trained soldier or policeman can handle a stabber alone. If they can't handle it, by definition, they are not correctly/adequately trained and they need to train harder, better, longer. The ability to defend oneself and prevail is not acquired by attending a course. It is acquired over years of training. The solution is combining martial arts with firearms combat training, daily, for years. I love watching moslems get aired out by Israelis, but total dependence on the gun is not good. One must also know how to move as if one didn't have a gun. In short, take a martial art that also teaches ancient weapons (bo, sai, jo, tonfa, nunchakau, bokken, etc.) along with combat firearms training. From watching thousands of videos of cop/soldier confrontations with perps and teaching martial arts for four decades, I've found that the vast, vast majority of cops and soldiers are woefully under-trained in hand-to-hand combat. I grew up with visions of the bodies of dead Jews from the Nazi camps. I'm tired of seeing dead Jews.

Lightning slashes the Spring wind ...



Great Training! Wish ALL Americans between 18 and 35 had to take course!

Submitted by Bigeasy Jhonson, Mar 8, 2016 10:38

Training is something we all do from the time we are trained to walk! Everything is training, speech - writing - math - baseball - football - singing - soccer. All training. In life we pick up skills as we grow, for our work - for our free time...and now, in order to protect our families and our lives. THIS IS OUR RIGHT - TO LIVE AS WE SEE FIT - PROTECTING WHAT WE HAVE EARNED!

Unfortunately, in the world today there are "crazies" who have decided that Israeli's, American's and our other allies should die. For ANY people or NATION not to recognize this for what it is...is not only suspect, but STUPID! It is Terrorism pure and simple. Most of which has been perpetrated by crazy sects of Islamic believers. People who actually WANT to bring about the end of the world so their "prophet" can return.

There is no law that says we must sit idle while terrorists kill us. This would be tantamount to national suicide for any country. There is no law that says a people or a nation cannot defend themselves or prepare for terrorist attacks.

THIS TRAINING allows for all citizens to dramatically experience what it is like to confront an armed terrorist. To see that this is NOT the "pollyanna" world of "kumbayah" and "living as one" that progressives and most Muslims want us to believe. This is the barbarism of incoherent religious fanaticism. This is the killing of innocents, the slaughter of children! This is the desired destruction of whole countries and belief systems simply because we are not Muslim. That's it. Because we are "Kafir." Unbelievers of THEIR book.

I have taken similar training in a "shoot house" where I train. Trust me - it is unnerving at first. Even for someone who has been in combat. But this is NECESSARY for all of us to see. For all of us to experience. Just consider it a LEARNING experience if nothing else. Then look at your wee children there in their beds....do you really think it's still unnecessary???? Ever see something strange while walking in the Mall or down a street, or in a fast food spot or a movie theater?

Just open your eyes. Learn something new. There ARE people who want to kill you and your children. Learn to recognize and prevent it. (I'll get down off my soapbox now! Sorry.)


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