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Prayers for Israel

Submitted by geegee, Mar 3, 2016 21:32

I fully support Israel.Their enemies wish to annihilate them,

I cannot understand the hatred in this world..Especially shown by the so-called," Religion of Peace"

What makes people believe that statement ?

The only Peace the Islamists will accept is,Total submission.

May they fail.


Israel must be prepared to take her gloves off

Submitted by Julian, Feb 25, 2016 09:19

It is this author's opinion that the time to pay heed to world opinion must come to an end if Israel is to survive its next war.
The world will have to deal with the fact that there must necessarily be civilian casualties so long as civilians, whether willingly or unwillingly, permit terrorist groups to operate in their homes and structures.
Israel will have to take her gloves off and literally annihilate anything that breathes in the areas being used to stage or launch attacks from.
The only reason South Lebanon was not turned into a smoldering pile of rubble is because of Israel's value of life.
This can no longer be a detractor from what will be necessary to ultimately and soundly defeat the enemy in the new style of warfare that has erupted.


All forces need to be adapting to the new war footing asap.

Submitted by Rich Roth, Feb 23, 2016 18:18

I think Israel is going to have to face a very hostile border to the North East very soon. Hizballah may well corridnate with other militants in the area, if only by timing attacks to get the most out of them. In the end Hamas and Hizballah have to many sectarian differences to truly work together, but a stick in the eye by one is a help to all.

Hamas has limited weapons capability, but does know the old IDF playbook pretty well. Hizballah has the weapons, but have to deliver any attack thru stand off points. Unless they can get the IDF to commit to moving into their strongly held areas, prior to a proper hammering by bombs from planes and tanks, they will run low on good weapons quickly.

I do not think Egypt will mount an attack, but some of their commands are still controlled by the M Brotherhood, and they may launch short lived attacks, which could divert IDF resources.

All in all we all need to constantly re-evaluate our ways of warfare to meet these new threats.


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