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Islam is Misogynistic

Submitted by Qui Creva, Sep 23, 2016 18:46

So, why are you surprised by this gender apartheid? Because it takes place in the US? Silly reasoning. Islam has ALWAYS been grossly sexist. Virtually wherever Muslims pray they are separated by gender - and women get the worse accommodations. That's assuming that women are permitted to pray at the mosque at all, that is. Some countries do not allow women to attend mosques. And some mosques in more open societies also forbid women to enter.

The root problem lies in Islam itself. The entire religion denigrates women, in both the Qur'an and the collections of hadith. Not to mention Muhammad's ugly disregard for females. Among other questionable "examples" he set, the "prophet" had at least a dozen wives, married a six-year-old, had sex with that child when she was nine, approved the enslavement and rape of captive women, said women were deficient in both intelligence and faith, claimed most of the denizens of hell were women (because they were not respectful of their husbands), and said a man's prayers would be nullified if a woman, a donkey or a dog passed in front of him while he prayed, etc.

Tell me, do you REALLY think an ideology that contains these sorts of doctrines is or can ever be made egalitarian? Wake up! Instead of attempting to reform this hopelessly misogynistic creed, LEAVE IT. Take that step for yourselves and your daughters. Women deserve far better than Islam offers them.


Judeo/Christian America

Submitted by PAK, Feb 16, 2016 12:14

They can always return to their own countries that practice their religion. America is a Judeo-Christian Nation, and always has been since it was founded~ no matter who changes or tries to change our history books!


kuffar choise

Feb 7, 2016 21:56

Go complain about it to the Kabba keeper in S.A. Better yet, write a letter to your president about his tacit acceptance of Islamic "misogyny." Oops!...yeah, that's right.....no such thing when it comes Islam in the West. I forgot about those maruna stripes and how Islam is all kumbaya with the left.


Can some one tell me?

Feb 6, 2016 20:19

Where did Michelle sit for the service?



Feb 5, 2016 23:20

It hasn't always been cookies and creme for women here. We had to fight for our rights also. In the beginning, we protested. Women gathered in the hundreds. The problem is they are protesting to our president. Wrong person to protest to. They should be protesting to their husbands and their religious leaders. Like we had to do, quit putting dinner on the table, stop picking up after their men and do it as a group not as one.


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Sep 23, 2016 18:46

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Feb 3, 2016 23:08

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