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Time to eliminate the heads of the snakes

Apr 2, 2016 14:57

Time after time, in an unceasing effort, the proxies of Iran have been infiltrating to their degree possible, the defences of Israel. These attempts are foiled only by the constant counter-intelligence of the strong elements of Israeli efforts. As has been said about terrorism; those who are the targets of terrorism have to be accurate 100 per cent of the time, while the terrorist has to be accurate only once. It is a given that Israel has many methods in place to foil the terrorists but, to my observations, does not have a strong plan for pre-emptive action to eliminate the leaders of terrorism. Following past terrorist actions, such as in Munich in 1973, there was compiled an action group from Israel to seek out and destroy the terrorists who struck the Israeli athletes who were slaughtered; an action that was not only very successful, but which also sent a message to the leaders of terrorism that there would be retribution for their acts. Isn't it time again that those terrorism leaders feel the pre-emptive actions of Israelis to defang the coiling snakes around Israel? Their identities are known and their whereabouts are fairly easily determined. Using the abilities of the Massad and other intelligence organizations, coupled with the ability of IDF sections, these heads of terrorism can be dealt a death action. I know that Israel is a democracy and democracies don't usually act proactively but instead wait until being struck. But the terrorist forces surrounding Israel are becoming more numerous every day. Can Israel afford to wait until a potentially overwhelming force of Iranian coordinated forces, ready to pounce on Israel, strikes? Now that Israel is strong and has the flexibility to act, I feel that action to cut off the heads of all terrorist snakes should be undertaken; with or without consideration of acting 'democratically.' Can Israel afford to wait to react, rather than acting proactively?


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