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MB BO Egypt and the USA

Submitted by Jak Holan, Apr 8, 2016 19:40

Why does Barak Hussein Obama and his side kick John Kerry bow in submission to a terrorist organization whose primary goal is to conquer the Kaffur give him the option to convert, pay the Jizya or die. The goal that the World will be run by Sharia Law. Why would these Loons be outlawed in most of the Muslim World if there wasn't a spike attached to their benevolent work. Egypt has fought this group since their inception in 1928/9. The MB is the Parent of another terrorist Organization, HAMAS. BHO AND JK know all this and they know the MB has vowed to rip up theI Egypt Israel Peace Treaty. Why would a loyal American Presdent and Secretary of State do such a thing ? LOYAL ONES WOULD NOT TRAITOROUS ONES WOULD{


Freedom of Speech

Submitted by William Bock, Jan 22, 2016 14:05

They are using our countries hospitality to speed their agenda of converting the world to Islam. It would be suicide for an infidel to hold a sign condemning Islam and walk through a Muslim neighborhood chanting down with Islam? PM David Cameron is a prime example of someone who needs to have their eyes and ears checked out by an INFIDEL MD!


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