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Too young to know better?

Submitted by William Bock, Jan 22, 2016 14:57

I can only pray that these anti-Pessin anti-Semitism advocates are a minority in this once great country? Otherwise, God help us! I wonder if Loretta Lynch condones the treatment of professor Andrew Pessin?


Professor Pessin's Conflicts

Submitted by Roger Oddson, Jan 22, 2016 12:16

This is another example of the inmates running the institution! The College Board and Faculty should publicly stand up and denounce these students for what they are and throw those responsible for this outrage out of with the rest of the trash. These people are not in higher education to learn but to "teach," the doctrine of hate and discrimination associated with the radical religious crazies bent on forcing each and every one of us to adhere to their philosiphies and the heck with anyone else. Those in charge of this institution should be called out for what they are; weak-kneed, greedy pacifiers that care more for the outrageous tuition they're sucking from students then doing the "right thing!": These free-loading students permiate each college's student-body and cower those that are there to learn. I feel sorry for them but they need to rise up as a group and face these idiots or continue to be subjected to racially charged demands voiced by this group of firebrands.


These aren't college students , they are one brain cell beasts freshly spawned from the primordial ooze

Submitted by Mindy, Jan 20, 2016 20:10

The most dangerous terrorists in America right are coming out of the primordial ooze, one brain cell beasts. I suggest rounding them up and giving them to isis.


Welcome aboard

Submitted by Ruel Douvillier, Jan 20, 2016 16:19

Well, Professor, I've been to your website and the Wikipedia article on you and can't figure out what your politics (if any) are, but welcome to the world of the conservative. These so-called liberals who love diversity and humanity are capable of the most vicious attacks on fellow human beings who have the audacity to own opinions different from theirs. They are too busy screaming at you right now to listen to your point of view. Soon they will be screaming for your job. Enjoy.


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