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Act before more are killed

Submitted by geegee, Jan 30, 2016 15:53

These people do not think the same as we do.They are full of hate and lies and enjoy murdering those who disagree with them.How many innocent people have to be murdered before stronger action is taken against them.? And who has the wisdom and the power to do so ?


incentives vs disincentives

Submitted by Allan Singer, Jan 21, 2016 17:33

As things now stand, the incentives for an Arab committing murder against a Jew is both social (elevated to hero status), and financial (if killed or imprisoned parents receive a pension). The disincentives include imprisonment, razing the home of the perpetrator, loss of work permits, Clearly, in the minds of most Arabs the benefits outweigh the risks. And so, if you wish to defeat this lawless wave the disincentives must outweigh the incentives. Deportation might be one answer.


we live what we are taught

Submitted by Shoshana Katz, Jan 21, 2016 01:15

If you you teach a child that his life or any other life has no value, if you teach him or her to hate the other, if you teach him or her that someone else is responsible for all their misery, if you do not teach a child to take responsibility for his own fate then you have educated a Muslim child. When will Muslims take responsibility for their own actions?


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