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The laws of physics apply

Jan 9, 2016 00:49

Planes crashing into civilian centers kill. Pressure cookers exploding at marathons kill and maim children. Beheading ambassadors and other non-combatants kills. As long as we hold sacrosanct ethnicity or something being held as a 'religion', when it is obviously a religion which allows the most horrendous of deaths, abductions and tortures to be visited on even the disinterested; we are doomed. Use math and science to explain the facts and let the squeaking wheels spin where they must.


Stay alert and be ready, each of us is on our own

Submitted by Mindy, Jan 8, 2016 23:58

Lock and load. America has been sold out and for now , we are on own. What is happening across America endangers all law abiding American citizens. If you don't know how to handle a weapon , seek training. This situation with islam has just begun, you will have to decide for yourselves what scares you more, not being part of the pc crowd or being robbed, raped or murdered. Your choice.A muslim tried to kill a cop thursday - we haven't seen anything yet.


Time to get the hell out of Dodge

Submitted by Dan Seidel, Jan 8, 2016 22:25

NYC WILL burn from a nuke. Comrade Mayor has made sure of that, Time to get out of NY. Nice going, Bratton!!! Kelly is right.


Not enough casualties yet

Submitted by Sassy, Jan 8, 2016 17:40

De Blasio is not the brightest star in the sky. This is quite obvious when listening to his press conferences. This is one weak mayor.

Wait till police officers become the targets. Not one, not two, but a few and then more. Officers themselves will turn against the dhimmi mayor and Bratton.

I was delighted to read police report re Cologne mass attacks was leaked to one major newspaper by police force itself. It's the beginning of an insurrection in Germany.

This will occur in New York, give it time.


The root of the problem

Jan 8, 2016 15:27

Progressive idealism, political correctness uber alles.


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The laws of physics apply [78 words]


Jan 9, 2016 00:49

Stay alert and be ready, each of us is on our own [85 words]


Jan 8, 2016 23:58

Time to get the hell out of Dodge [25 words]

Dan Seidel 

Jan 8, 2016 22:25

Not enough casualties yet [90 words]


Jan 8, 2016 17:40

The root of the problem [6 words]


Jan 8, 2016 15:27

The cost [48 words]

Ruel Douvillier 

Jan 8, 2016 14:51


Kelly Clover 

Jan 8, 2016 13:26

cowards! these people rule and take over by using fear and threats! educate u'rself. [41 words]


Jan 8, 2016 12:17

Political correctness [9 words]

Jorge Landa 

Jan 8, 2016 12:10

  Politically correct [76 words]


Jan 9, 2016 08:44

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