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Submitted by Marty, Dec 16, 2015 10:38

It occurred to me that since Muslims win battles in court.

WHY has there not been a law suit filed ordering an investigation into these officeholders in the Obama administration that are clearly working against us? Surely there is some bright litigator that can create a great case!!!!!


Fingerprints - Think Again

Submitted by Natgrenadine, Dec 14, 2015 10:53

Fingerprints? Recall that the OPM of the USA was recently hacked, and up to 4 million US citizens of good standing had their fingerprints downloaded by the Chinese. Fingerprints are therefore no longer a valuable tool for biometric passports.


Bravado of Isis

Dec 13, 2015 01:31

It seems clear Isis will take credit for anything that happens worldwide. This could be just that. These men weren't super hero's just killers anyone could have done this. Murder happens all the time. Isis uses these events as recruitment tools and make the killer feel like 007. This propaganda appeals to young men in 20's looking for adventure. Heck Isis even throws in a bunch of virgins if you'll blow yourself up. A lot of people are running from this group and it can't keep the other branch of Islam contained forever. Fear and intimidation has been used on every school ground for years. The internet is Isis playground.


Multiculturalism + gun free society = STUPID

Submitted by CHASD3, Dec 11, 2015 15:16

So much information above published so quickly since the attack. Hmm...yet even though Paris was on their highest alert possible, they were still blind-sided completely. So what are we talking about...sheer law enforcement incompetence, too many Muslims allowed in Paris because their multi-culturalism exploded out of control due to their politician's ignorance and stupidity and it was too late to reverse, population were sheep going to slaughter bc they can't defend themselves? All of the above? Yep! Next stop, gun free society stupidity is still a French trait. How long before they are again so decimated by Muslim violence that they'll reverse on that idiocy as well?


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