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IPT Statement on San Bernardio Mass Murders

Submitted by harbidoll, Dec 3, 2015 23:00

Works every time. When an attack happens Obama yells "Im commin for your guns"! This distracts everyones wrath & vengeance onto him, & away from Muslims. Like a shield.


Steve.....You're the best!

Submitted by Scott, Dec 3, 2015 22:11


your followers know the truth. You lead us to further investigate on our own from your lead.

We, your loyal readers know that you were right about "no go zones" in Europe and the evidence mounts daily. Please keep up your excellent reportage, we need you.


Obama wishes this country ill

Submitted by Edward Cline, Dec 3, 2015 20:57

Obama and Company don't want it to be true that this was an Islam-inspired terrorist attack. To them, reality is malleable. It can be whatever they want it to be and say it is. Obama knows full well this was a terrorist attack. But admitting that, by conceding that fact, would throw a PR monkey wrench into his plans to being Syrian "refugees" into this country by the thousands, the overwhelming majority of whom will be Sunni Muslims. Most of these will be just Muslim ballast; but a significant number of them are coming here to raise hell, to commit jihad. He knows this, too. No one should ever assume or believe that Obama has this country's best interests in mind. He wants to see happen here what's happening now in Mother Merkel's Europe. And every time he raises the subject of gun control -- as he did in a knee jerk way about the San Bernardino massacre -- I have to laugh, because he is protected by guns and will be for the rest of his life. Or is he going to rearm the Secret Service with Aikido staves? We, the people, however, can't be trusted to defend ourselves with guns. He doesn't care.


Would they ever 'fess up even if it is 100% clear it's an Islamic terrorist attack?

Submitted by Carol, Dec 3, 2015 11:25

Obama, his administration and the Liberal media have a severe Islamic allergy to putting terrorism and Islam in the same sentence, as if by not saying it, the public will believe that there's no association between the two.

How in the world can we trust this Takiyya administration and its water carriers in the liberal media?

Who are the "we" in "we need to provide law enforcement and intelligence with time and....."

Is this a cautionary statement to try to undo the flack you took for saying no-go zones (and you were, in reality, correct that there are many of them, even if one specific location might not fit all the bona fides)?



Dec 3, 2015 10:17

Your message is refreshing to read. I'm so sick and tired of all the supposition being thrown at us these days - that I just shut down. I feel relatively sure there are many that respond the same way.

When the facts are known that's when the news should go out.

Shepard Smith, FOX news yesterday was just horrible on his so called reporting of the shootings. He is one reason why nothing should be said until the facts are known.


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