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The invisilble backlash

Submitted by DRHazard, Nov 19, 2015 20:30

While the usual sources have a spasm over the backlash against Muslims that never really haopens, the Muslims continue acting like the self-absorbed murderers their God tells them they shouid be.


Game On

Submitted by Michael Fox, Nov 19, 2015 15:09

Death by a thousand cuts....that's how Israel is losing the war against "radical" Islam. It's a war of attrition that Israel has no answer to. Protecting its citizens is perhaps the most important role for any government to undertake. Israel's government does not seem up to the task. Ongoing incitement from the Palestinian leadership is happening under the nose of the Israeli government with little to no consequence. Israel is a microcosm of the global stage. War has been declared on Western culture and ideology. Response from the West has been driven by politics and an obsession with inane political correctness. Hard decisions lay ahead for this small nation state and there will be harsh international condemnation if Israel picks up the hammer. The security of Israel's citizens and the survival of a nation is at stake and it is time to step up and do what needs to be done.

I use quotation marks connecting the words radical and Islam in identifying those Muslims unable to coexist with Western values and ideology. They are really not necessary. Islam in itself is a radical theology with barbaric principals and zero tolerance for diversity. Only the renunciation of those core values and sharia law by the faithful would bridge the divide and Islam is not about to do that.


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