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"Cut it out"

Submitted by Michael Fox, Oct 3, 2015 00:12

Is that the Israeli PM's response to the savage murder of of two Israeli civilians in front of their children? Cut it out???? This death by a thousands cuts has to stop. Netanyahu has taken a page out of the spineless American Presidents playbook. Obama is getting grilled for having no plan and wandering aimlessly through the wilderness of US foreign policy in the Middle East.

It takes courage to be a leader of nations. Unpopular decisions for the greater good of the survival of Israel must be undertaken. The die is cast. The enmity of the Palestinians and their blood thirsty proxies towards the Jews and Israel is irreconcilable.

As Assad went to his international supporters for the survival of Syria,, so must Israel. New highly protected borders must be drawn and populations moved..It will not be easy but there is really no alternative except for Iran's vision and that is an act in defiance of G-d and his promise to the Jewish people.


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