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Iran nuculear deal and the UN

Aug 19, 2015 23:55

Obama played his cards beautifully. He set up America for the fall. He made it easy for Muslims to mass populate America , in case Iran didn't produce their bombs soon enough, and in case the UN was thwarted in their aid to Iran. The big plan is to get Shari Law into America is just moving as scheduled I guess Armageddon is creeping up sooner than we expected


On The Way to Obsurity

Submitted by Michael Fox, Aug 1, 2015 17:09

If this flabby negotiated nuke "deal" with so much ambiguity and inner galactic floating question marks slides through the American congress unimpeded, it will just be another nail in the coffin for the politicians who continue to confound the citizens of America. Obviously these politicians have little regard for the polls that shows the public to be fed up with a broken, dysfunctional political system that has put this once great nation on the fast track to mediocrity.

If you want to know why a narcissist buffoon such as "The Donald" could possibly have garnered so much public support so quickly, you need to look no further than the lineup of professional politically correct politicians who have no idea about what it is like to go out into the world and work to earn an honest days wages. If Trump were a Democrat, he would be getting the same bump he is presently enjoying.



Aug 1, 2015 11:23

This is treason. We vote for congressmen and women to represent us here and abroad.

It is their responsibility to dig and get this information out to the general public.

We as Americans need to clean house down to the very last one of these useless

people, and get Americans who loves this country back in the White house and Congress.

4 year terms mandatory for all!


Unseen Side Deals...

Submitted by NorCal Libertarian, Jul 31, 2015 21:33

Very simple to me: No Lookey...NO VOTEE!!!


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