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It's time to take Global Terrorism seriously

Jul 1, 2015 16:11

It seems to me that if the German domestic police/Intel community knows the number of terrorist operating in their country, it should follow that they know who they are or at least know many of them. Why not just eliminate them? I lived in Germany for 3 years and know that their police are very good. I don't know what constraints they may have based on their constitution but that brings up another point. Considering the current state of global terrorism, provisions need to be put in place to allow law enforcement the ability to eliminate known terrorist without having to wait for them to initiate an actual terrorist action. I know this may fly in the face of people's rights and no due process but reality is reality and survival and victory against this insane ideology needs to be the priority. People in the west need to wake up to the reality that these Islamic extremist terrorist organizations believe children are legitimate targets and there is no such thing as "unfortunate collateral damage"....and we need to pull our collective heads out of the sand and realize that these terrorist atrocities we see on the news will not always be "Over there, far, far away" if we continue to do nothing.


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