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Erdgogan's and the AKP's projection

Submitted by DRHazard, Jun 11, 2015 18:08

Erdogan has spent the last 14 years accumulating power and wealth, even putting his crass materialism and regal ambitions on display with his new mansion (aka royal palace). All of these goals required deceit, secret plans, conspiracies, propaganda, and general abuse or power. He has even expressed grandiose visions of being some sort of leader of the Muslim world.

These are all traits he and every other racist Jew hater whine about when they maliciously ascribe them to Jews. Greedy, deceitful, power hungry, secretly plotting to gain more power and money, out to rule the World.

The divide and conquer approach Erdogan used to win elections seems to be reaching a smaller and smaller audience. The Muslim fundamentalists he so readily manipulated for votes seem to be the only ones stupid enough not to see him for what he is, the Muslim version of a stereotyped Jew.


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