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Be carefull of the rocks you throw

Submitted by Larry Peterson, May 13, 2015 13:17

Mr. Freese: We are fighting a religious war, and like all zealots, you have to start quoting how much better it would be if the Muslim paid attention to the words of your God. I am sure that this will throw water on the fire-you know-"Our God is better than your God."

To call the enemy a" Godless Provacatuer " does not follow the teachings of Jesus either-which means that you are just as hypocritical as the person you are accusing.


Godless Provacateur

Submitted by Stephen Paul Freese, May 13, 2015 03:47

Mr. Galloway has the right to vent his animus now. God's grace gives all of us the freedom to either listen to our conscience or follow our vain imagination. Geo, actually "hates" folks and according to Jesus Christ, that is the same as murder. Pray for the old guy and do not return his standard of hate for hate. After all, the only thing worse than being a fool is not realizing your a fool...


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