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Submitted by Joe, Apr 4, 2015 23:41

As bad as Obama and his administration is with all the damage already completed the real loss for America is that of the media whether TV, Newsprint, or magazines to be truthful to this country. Once the giant awakens and sees these supposed news organizations for what they really are there will be hell to pay for all their lies, deception, misinformation, and biased reporting.


Obama administration's secrecy and lies.

Submitted by Kelly Clover, Apr 2, 2015 14:54

Everything this administration does makes me angrier and angrier. President Obama has deliberately ignored what he is supposed to be achieving with Iran. But considering influences like CAIR and ISNA and Valerie Jared which are largely dictating his policies, I'm really not surprised. He has proceeded on the assumption that he must have an agreement with Iran even if he has to do it with no oversight by the Congress or the general public and even if it amounts to little more than a surrender document. Obama wants Iran to assist with the efforts to defeat ISIL, but that is a huge mistake. Both groups have substantially the same goals with respect to what they want to achieve with Israel, the USA, and Europe. Both support mass killings to impose their religion on non-Muslims. Both support the murderous brutality of sharia law. Both want to expand their power to a worldwide Islamic dictatorship.


I shudder ....

Submitted by John in Texas, Apr 1, 2015 23:23

This man is doing what he has set out to do ..... change America for the worse and leave chaotic countries in a worse condition .... I shudder at what we will soon be facing ...


Obama not floundering

Submitted by Clive Sinoff, Apr 1, 2015 20:09

Your editorial implies that President Obama is out of his league and is floundering. That is most generous. In fact, the President is highly intentional in fulfilling his mission of leaving the United States crippled and Israel under existential threat by the time he leaves the White House. All his actions have been decisive in that direction and his pique is that the Republican Party and the State of Israel have the audacity to oppose the fulfillment of his plan.


Right on and well done!

Apr 1, 2015 18:34

Steve, Right on and well done!


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