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They follow the example of Muhammed

Submitted by Steven, Mar 7, 2015 02:02

Moderate islam divide people into three groups


People of the book (Christians)

People not in the book (Hindus). They are completely discriminated against. who want this.?


It is still PC BS

Submitted by PF Wagner, Mar 4, 2015 14:05

The problem is not "radical" or "militant" Islam. The problem is ISLAM. ISIS and jihadists are doing nothing more than what their god and prophet COMMAND Muslims to do as recorded in the most holy and inerrant Quran. They are actually the "good" and faithful Muslims. The "peaceful" Muslims are actually the apostates who, BTW, are also supposed to be killed. This is why the PC "good Muslims" will not denounce the actions of ISIS and the jihadists because to do so would repudiate their god and prophet. Ditto with all the "kill the infidel" and "Jews are pigs" pronouncements in the Quran.


Beyond tolerance

Submitted by Leslie Fish, Mar 1, 2015 21:37

If you'll look at the actual historical records (such as newspaper articles over the past 50 years) you'll see that the Western nations have bent over backwards trying to be tolerant of fundamentalist Islam and the Arab culture that spawned it. We have tolerated excesses from these people that we would never allow to any other religious or ethnic group. We have tried to treat reasonably with unreasonable people and unreasonable demands, even treating them and their complaints as if they really were equivalent to all other groups. Now think: how many Jewish fundamentalists have strapped explosives around their waists and run into buildings to explode them? How many Christian fundamentalists have shot up shopping malls? How many Buddhist fundamentalists have assassinated people for criticizing Buddhism? Now tell me, why should we extend such extreme and special tolerance for fundamentalist Muslims? Equality means equality. It's high time we started treating the Islamofascists as the criminals they are.


voices in the dark

Submitted by daris.g, Mar 1, 2015 07:56

I want to applaud Ms. Chesler's clear sighted appraisal of a bad situation that will only get worse unless her advice is taken en masse. I also agree with comments made, depth of knowledge. Chesler has had a first hand very painful brush with the brutal and archaic culture of violence and bigotry being foisted upon the west. We would do well to examine oh so carefully the voices demanding our respect and allegiance to it. These are voices lost in the darkness of prejudice and hate. I for one have no desire to follow them there and am very glad for Ms. Chesler's escape. She is one voice out of the millions of women still trapped in silence. She has earned her voice and it is a creditable one. We would do well to listen.


"Tolerant west"?

Submitted by kalpak dabir, Feb 20, 2015 12:08

It was not long ago that Europe was the world's epicentre of intolerance and bigotry, culminating in the Jewish holocaust. It actively fanned long standing hatred between Muslims and Hindus in India. Even today, who is providing most of the weapons around the world for the civil wars? The Muslim fundamentalists are playing on this very guilt.


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They follow the example of Muhammed [27 words]


Mar 7, 2015 02:02

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PF Wagner 

Mar 4, 2015 14:05

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Leslie Fish 

Mar 1, 2015 21:37

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Mar 1, 2015 07:56

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Feb 20, 2015 12:08

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Feb 19, 2015 16:26

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Bobby Lee 

Feb 19, 2015 13:52

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Feb 19, 2015 13:39

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