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The loss of a great professor

Submitted by Jenny, Feb 5, 2015 11:20

Whoever said Sami Al Arian is a member of Palestine Islamic Jihad is an idiot! There is a Anti - Islamic conspiracy backed by the 3rd rail from Tel Aviv!

we Americans are so gullible we believe everything on TV or the News Papers, rather than research. Shame on all those who look up to Massad, Mossad is the leader of ISiS. Research and find out the truth


Only hope is in G-d

Feb 4, 2015 18:30

It seems the whole world now can only depend on Israel and Mossad to keep terrorists in check. Only because of the one true G-d of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.


Our wheels of justice just don't turn

Submitted by AJ, Feb 4, 2015 11:24

The US is becoming a safe haven for islamist terrorists and their supporters. Our legal system just cannot handle their modus operandi and we as a people do not know how to deal with people that lie with a straight face and stab in the back at any opportunity.


we can only hope that Mossad keeps "track" of...

Submitted by barbaro70, Feb 4, 2015 02:32

We are really surprised that Obama didn't come up with, "If I had a grandfather he would look like Sami," or something equally stupid.

We can only hope that Mossad keeps "track" of al Arian, unless the CIA is now, when Americans are finally waking up to the danger of the mad dog mohammedan plague, in a better mood to keep "track" of al Arian.


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