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How is Cyprus became Christian

Submitted by Ayse Dickson, Jan 13, 2015 18:38

Pray enlighten me when did this happen?

If you want to make a comment please do your homework read history, demographics of Cyprus and so forth. Nato needs Turkey , western world needs Turkey. It is the only Country left that has not been messed up by outsiders like you



Submitted by HIDAYET DEMIR, Jan 11, 2015 13:11

Brains of most turks have already been "brainwashed" by secularist who seem to be mockers of western civilization, now it is time for a reset.


brain washing

Submitted by joy, Jan 6, 2015 21:35

I feel it is not right to force children into certain ideals that are not a choice but rather brain washing!


Imagine ....

Submitted by Stanely T, Jan 6, 2015 19:25

Imagine the international outcry if Israel started introducing more Jewish values and subjects and made them compulsory in all the country's schools. There'd be no end the outrage.



Submitted by Linda Riveral, Jan 6, 2015 15:35

Why is warmonger Turkey, a member of NATO? Kick violent aggressor Turkey out of NATO and free Christian Cyprus from illegal occupation by imperialist Turkey!


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