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Ally needs a reality check!!!!!

Jan 15, 2015 01:27


I guess you can take a mentallyt unstable person who walks into a Movie theatre and kills people and equate him to a know what you are right on that account. I guess the repeated acts of violence carried out by people of the muslim faith are just coincidences and we are all biased against Muslims........I think you really need to take a break from that 1400 year old book...and give yourself a reality check.....All so called peace loving Muslims need to rise up and cast out these people who are commiting these acts of violence, but we all know that won't happen....


James Holmes

Submitted by Ally, Jan 7, 2015 06:31

James Holmes was a white man who went into a movie theater in Aurora, Colorado, USA and he ended up killing approximately 12 and disabled and injured many others but he isn't having foxnews articles written about him describing how he's a terrorist is he? Where is the equality and justice the land of the "free" promises its citizens yet he isn't even in jail and its been nearly 3 years since the incident occurred? This is media prejudice at its best simply because Westerners don't agree with islam and that is such childish behavior actually a child is more understanding because they're willing to learn unlike westerners and you guys like to paint yourself as so enlightened and scholarly yet you can't understand a book that was written 1400 years ago by someone you say was illiterate, it just doesn't make sense tsk tsk.



Submitted by jim, Dec 24, 2014 19:20

Excuse my language, I feel ive earned the right to speak, as I am a VET. kick their ass out! put them on a small boat, set it adrift in the ocean, put a small hole in the boat, let the great white sharks eat them. where i am, we dont allow them, so far.

Why is the PM giving in/ what threat is being made we cant handle. here, our police will shoot them in a second, if they try this crap, no talk. if our police need help, we the people here will take care of it.



We've seen this movie before

Submitted by Dana Willens, Dec 17, 2014 10:00

Dear Steve: Excellent article. Why does the West continue to erase perpetrators' comments and then claim ignorance of their "motivation"? Obama refused to refer to the Taliban, Islam or Muslims in referencing Pakistan (reminiscent of Beslan and the attacks at Kiryat Shimona and Maalot, all by the same ideological monsters). Australia and all of us need to surveil mosques, close down Saudi funded radical hotbeds of Wahhabism, throw the Muslim Brotherhood out of the White House and begin to uproot creeping sharia. Why do we continue to admit "refugees," Visa holders and other immigrants from Muslim nations? The notion that all of this would go away if only Israel capitulated (and went away) is clueless at best and Machiavellian at worst. For Kerry to inform Bibi that a US Security Council veto on a resolution to recognize the Palestinian Authority as a Palestinian State is not guaranteed reveals the animosity of this administration to Israel. Obama claims that he, like all black American men, have been mistaken at one time in their lives for a valet is contentious and opportunistic to promote a narrative that is defied by facts. To continue to "engage" our enemies while refusing to talk to conservatives is telling about a worldview closer to the Marxist and Islamist one than to an American perspective. To see the Occupy Wallstreet crowd protesting police (and calling for dead ones), Sandra Fluke demanding free recreational contraception on the taxpayers' dime, illegal immigrants demanding their "rights," law enforcement and the socially engineered military surrendering to allegations of "Islamophobia" and an administration that abuses its power and shreds the Constitution is appalling. We'll let Iran go nuclear, embrace an unrepentant Cuba, promote socialism and surrender and "fundamentally transform America" unless more people give up cradle to grave dependency and willful blindness and start doing their homework. Citizenship demands voters be informed. The reflex that sends Jewish voters to the Democratic ticket is suicidal. Mainstream Christian churches more concerned with social justice than the slaughter of Christians by Muslims are a threat to their followers. Heeding your warnings and carefully researched and documented reports and analyses is key to that "American awakening." Sincerely, Dana Willens


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