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The enemy of my enemy...

Dec 13, 2014 21:18

This 'alliance' is chimerical and will evaporate as soon as the ISIS threat is neutralised


Irani 'Haliphate?

Submitted by Samir, Dec 13, 2014 10:54

I hear what Mr Lappin says about the Iranians goal of re-establishing an Islamic 'Haliphate. Though they might say they wish, I disagree it is their intention. Being Shiya they would need to rule over the Sunni majority with a bloody iron hand, and they would be constantly at war within own dominion. It would not work, and they know it. They really want a Shiya empire, with its islands of influence not contiguous and influencing events by way of projecting mayhem. The Bomb, of which the Israelis are rightly so fearful, is really a means to project intimidation, not for actual use. It is, in my opinion, a means to instill fear into the hearts of the Sunni leaders they consider a threat to their own survival as a Mullah-Shiya-State, mainly the Sa'udis.

IS claims to want a 'Haliphate also, perhaps aspiring to rule over the Shiya though I doubt the latter, from the same considerations. What is confusing is that the IS has both support and enmity in Sa'udiya. Factionalism is rampant in the Arab world, hence this is not surprising, as tribal interests predominate masquerading as religious convictions.

The US may have strategists that understand the complexities, the eternal instabilities, as Gen Petreus revealed to US minds in his successful emulation of policies and rulers from time immemorial. However, I doubt their influence is great. The US is also not united with one mind and one strategy. Indeed it is struggling with strategy. Perhaps a review of the Roman and British policies and tactics of divide and conquer might be in order. Essential is the creation of a cadre of Americans with deep and current knowledge of tribes, their cultures, aspirations, leaders and upcomers. The recent revelations of torture by interrogators not knowing the targets' language and customs made me aghast. This is NOT professionalism. Perhaps it is time the wise heads in WDC learned the ways of the Israeli intelligence services. Do I dare suggest that the American services learn to farm out to Israelis?


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