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The Cup of GOD's Wrath

Submitted by Santos Garcia, Jr., Nov 19, 2014 11:51

And they 'celebrate' by giving each other candy amidst songs of devilish praise! They will have a change of heart when this is realized: http://zionsgate.wordpress.com/2014/02/08/the-imminent-psalm-83-war/


How to stop the carnage

Submitted by Emil C., Nov 18, 2014 23:12

If all agree that the carnage is due to incitements and indoctrination, then it is time to target all the people in charge of brain washing.

They are, the top five and anyone that appears on Palestinian TV or in Mosques with virulent party lines.

Sad to admit, but there is no other way, that would be acceptable by humanity.

This will be accepted, especially now, that the Arab kingdoms understand that the Muslim brotherhood is their real enemy and the oil outflow is finally tapering off.


a heavy hand

Submitted by anon, Nov 18, 2014 19:22

Most REAL Americans, hope president Netanyahu uses that heavy hand , with extreme power. Not one true american will blame him. we stand united, with isrieal!

the jewist people, have used much restraint in this matter. perhaps its time, to show them what power you are really capable of. shalom, from an american.


Sad Thing is There are Those Who Still Believe Him!

Submitted by FactsRule, Nov 18, 2014 15:36

There has never been an alternative that is both effective AND compassionate for all, the repatriation to Jordan & Egypt of the overwhelmingly genocidal Arab Muslims from the tiny strip of land west of the Jordan River. One is exceptionally cruel to the innocent to say otherwise. In fact, anyone who disagrees with peacefully legally morally repatriating this extremely hostile population is part of the problem. Of course, the only person in Israel who counts, because of Israel's poor political system that democratically elects dictators, is the Prime Minister. It would be laughable if it wasn't so deadly that he's going to do something rash. I stopped holding my breath long ago as he hasn't a clue as to how to truly stop the carnage & save Israel.


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