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Submitted by flatthump, Nov 19, 2014 15:25

Has CAIR played a consistent role as a financial node to bad players in UAE and AL Anbar? A sort-of signal to CAIR that their has been a turning point in regards to their relationship with elements in UAE?

I live in Santa Clara county, and have recently dabbled in researching this organization.


Calling out the so-called investigative project as fabricators

Submitted by Galen Muhammad, Nov 19, 2014 09:02

CAIR, an American Islamic civil advocacy group DOES and HAS called the tragedy of 9/11/01 infamy terrorism! Where have you been for the past 13 years....??!! MAS is equally innocent of the lies you cast.

When will you, Steven Emerson, admit that you were just flat-out wrong when you gave a laundry list of Islamic organizations on national TV when you claimed the bomber(s) of the Murrah Building belonged to one or more of those groups. McVeigh and his cohorts had no connection with anything remotely Islamic. And you've been wrong ever since!

Investigation be damned, when it comes to finding facts about Islam. You've already manufactured them!

While you're manufacturing lies, he's where the U.S. State Dept. (as of 11/18/14) stands with CAIR & MAS:


Clarification of CAIR Statement & Rebuttal of Sabra Comment

Submitted by FactsRule, Nov 17, 2014 16:30

First, on the article. Steven quotes them in the following paragraph:
""In a statement, CAIR said it and MAS "peacefully promote civil and democratic rights and ... oppose terrorism whenever it occurs, wherever it occurs and whoever carries it out.""
Notice the use of Islamic taquiya, here. They oppose terrorism, but they don't consider 9/11 terrorism. They consider it Jihad. So, the only thing they're referring to when they say terrorism whenever it occurs is to any entity that defends themselves against Islam, which has as it's highest goal, as stated unambiguously throughout the Koran & Sunna, to make the world one Islamic nation, God-forbid.

Regarding the comments of Sabra:
MAS was exposed as & continues to function as an arm of terrorist Islam, period. For example, the following:


State Department Posture on UAE Counter-Terrorism Efforts

Submitted by Bill, Nov 17, 2014 15:44

This is a link to a report issued by the US State Department in April 2014 related to UAE counter-terrorism efforts. The report is fairly detailed and reflects favorably on those efforts, even identifying several joint US/UAE security programs. This past April, the US government's posture toward the UAE's counter-terrorism efforts appeared supportive and positive, seemingly viewing those efforts as progressive and moderate in the Middle East. Given that identified posture, including the noted operational cooperation between the US and UAE in counter-terrorism matters, how will the US government, particularly the political leadership, now view this UAE designation of the MB, CAIR and MAS as terrorist entities?


UAE List MAS As Terrorist Organization

Submitted by Khalilah Sabra, ED, MAS - IJC, Nov 17, 2014 12:25

Just as Americans to improve their understanding of Islam and the people who practice the religion, countries like the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia are working desperately to create persistent fear and hostility towards a large number of Muslim organizations. The objective is two-fold, one is to pretend strict adherence to, and defense of peace in the world, the other is to marginalize human rights adversaries whose values challenge the continuation of the monarchy. The monarchs are desperate to incite hatred, not only for the extremist, but for Islamic groups. Declaring progressive Islamic organizations who support democratic protocols as terrorist, is a strategic weapon in a war of ideas. The allegations against the humanitarian and religious organizations stem from misrepresentations, ignorance, lies and half truths.

While the monarchs proclaims their anti-violence fervor, their actions are anything but civil by any standard. Both countries are known for having an extreme human rights and historically denied the the dignity and worth of the its citizens and opposed the human rights of women. In recent years United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia have stepped up arrests, trials, and convictions of peaceful dissidents, and forcibly dispersed peaceful demonstrations by citizens. Both continued to violate the rights of women and girls and foreign workers. their authorities subjected thousands of people to unfair trials and arbitrary detention. Courts convicted human rights defenders and others for peaceful expression or assembly demanding political and human rights reforms. Muslim organizations that struggle to promote social progress and better standards of life of Muslims worldwide are their biggest opponents in a dispute that wherein they differ in what constitutes respect for and observance of human rights and fundamental freedoms.

Many listed organizations like Muslim American Society (MAS) are dedicated to protecting the human rights of people and stand with victims and activists to prevent discrimination, and uphold political freedom. It is an organization is a construction of chapters in America which work hard and play by fair rules.

On the other hand, the Arab monarchies is by no means an incompetent misconstruction, but It is a dispassionate and remarkable political apparatus who uses it vast wealth to suppress truth and unleash potent campaign that allows for political and social manipulation in the world. The United Arab Emirates and the Saudis, who possess a largest share of power besides worldly goods, will more than vigilant in maintaining its character of greed and self-preservation.

They proclaims that their opposition to terrorism, but they not act within the scope of those declarations, yet both are complicit in the rise of extremist groups and remain unwilling to confront, at the same time, the exclusive and historic function of a system that runs counter to these ambitions. Saudi Arabia has the epicenter of fundraising for terrorist groups and the place where al-Qaida's presence was tolerated for years after they attacked America.

The royals are outright liars who pushed there agenda regardless of the dangers to other nations, the cruelties of oppression, and the evils of defamation.

Looking at a Muslim community from a distance does not provide the whole picture. Instead, there is a need to engage the Muslim community to get a better understanding of their practices and beliefs. Muslims and non-Muslims need to concentrate on what binds them together, rather than on what separates them.

The rights of organizations like Muslim American Society must protected and the integrity of religious rights should be upheld. It must not be marginalized by lies, misunderstandings, and illogical reasoning. This must all be done now and before relying on the falsehood of foreign powers that would rather dismiss Islam completely rather than vacate their thrones

Khalilah Sabra

Executive Director

Muslim American Society Immigrant Justice Center


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