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Push Back

Submitted by Michael Fox, Oct 25, 2014 12:00

While I agree with almost all of what Dr. Berko writes here, I think his solution is flawed. Giving Gaza back to Egypt and Judea and Samaria (ancient Israel) to Jordan is a band-aid solution....a non-stick band-aid at that. It assumes the stability of these two countries which is a great leap of faith given the current situation in the middle-east. It also doesn't take into account that the Palestinians would still not have a Palestinian state and that situation would keep the pot boiling.. I don't see this impractical "solution" to be the end of enmity or violence of the Palestinians towards the Jew's .


Well written Article

Submitted by Tim Mason, Oct 24, 2014 17:34

All of these investigative letters I have been reading since subscribing to Steve's web site are well written, concise and to the point. For several months I was going "outside" the well advertised news sources and reading news from Europe concerning the political atmosphere here in the United States. Only from these outside sources and these news letters was I able to educate myself on current events surrounding ISIS, ISIL and the Islamic brotherhood. Only by going outside the US mainstream media can we develop an understanding of this serious problem. I just wanted to send my thanks for these informative articles and references. Tim Mason


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