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Reason for the Betrayal at the UN?

Submitted by TomS, Dec 25, 2016 07:33

So Obama and Kerry deceive everyone up to the time of the vote , then they backstab israel, and now they blame Israel for terror. Hard to imagine these two being so pathetic. As Nigel Farage in the UK said of Obama after he threatened them " Obama is a loathsom creature"/

Obama has certainly lived up to that name.

Now, to get to the bottom of this betrayal:

The only logical explanation is that this is part of the secret deal Obama made with Iran. Otherwise it makes no sense as it makes a negotiated two state solution impossible. There needs to be a congressional investigation in conjunction with Israeli intelligence as to whether or not the White House made as part of the Iran deal that Obama would sell Israel out at the U.N. It would be consistent with Obama's actions from the Iran deal leading up to the sell out. Its the only logical explanation. Otherwise it makes no sense at all.

The Iranians are laughing now and most likely never thought an american president could be so stupid to go along with the Mullahs and sell out Israel for a deal that Iran has no intent on honoring.


I thought that comments are moderated.

Submitted by FactsRule, Oct 19, 2014 00:55

  1. If so, how does the false malicious slander incitement comment by Lutz Barz get through?


An answer to Mr. Lutz Barz,

Submitted by David Melamud, Oct 18, 2014 13:02

Mr. Lutz ! You have lack of information about the history of the middle east . The palestinians never offered this opptions to Israel. On the contrary the Palestinians rejected U.N resolution 181 of 29 November 1947 for 2 states solution !!! Few days later 7 Arab armies invaded to throw the jews to the sea. Unfortunately for them they lost.


Puppets and the puppeteer

Submitted by Andrew H, Oct 18, 2014 08:52

The puppet, Kerry, and the other puppets that make up the State Department, responding automatically to the strings pulled by the puppeteer-in-chief, are an excellent example and a tragic one, that Democracy doesn't always work. When enlightened and responsible leadership doesn't exist Democracy simply fails. Israel suffers similarly, if in a far less gross manner. If Netanyahu could emulate Egypts' el-Sisi, he would say to all the good folks who talk of treaties between Israel and the Palestinians - "We won't negotiate with anyone who's aim is our total destruction and who does not accept our right to exist."


israel etc

Submitted by Lutz Barz, Oct 18, 2014 05:38

the palestinians offered the incoming illegal jews the option of forming a democratic state which the jews rejected, expelled the original inhabitants, dispossessed their property, disallowed their return and wonder at the intransigence of the local people. time the israeli's took a reality check.


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