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how can there be peace

Submitted by martin, Oct 29, 2014 10:50

anyone who thinks peace can happen in the middle east is dreaming there is to much hatred towards jews and most muslim countries there is only one solution that would bring peace first of all the un has to be deleted and Russia china and usa have to be allies such a powerful group would be able to control all the countries to be peaceful or else if iran can be replaced by a govt that is secular and can work with Israel and usa that would stop the wars in the middle east ,As for the palistinian issue that cant be solved the hatred there is to far gone only solution there is for gaza to be turned over to Egypt the rest of palistinians have to move over and Jordan and Israel have to make land areas for palistinians part in Israel part in Jordan


Hamas leaders praise the killing of an Israeli baby

Submitted by Sarah, Oct 26, 2014 21:52

These people are sick and should not be given any American assistance.

They are criminals and should not have the power to govern. They don't govern, they just promote hate, killing and send rewards.

It is their aim to destroy Jews, to destroy Israel and continue to murder. If world leaders don't speak out against Hamas leaders, they too, support the unjust killing.


Equating Hamas with Israel

Submitted by JFL, Oct 23, 2014 14:03

Anti-Semitics on the left try to equate Hamas with Israel by distorting the truth. In my mind the clear difference is that "Hamas protects its rockets with women and children while Israel protects its women and children with rockets ". Even animals protect their young and their mates !



Submitted by one of many, Oct 23, 2014 13:50

Just when one thinks he has seen all the horrible acts these animals commit, a new one comes along, let it be known, we dont fear isis, or hamas, we loath them, we are angered by their henious actions, and in the end, they will perish, from their own sick actions.

ANY man, or woman, who can kill a child, and boast, is a dam animal, a pig, a non human.

Is this offensive, to say the truth? for it is the truth. If speaking the truth, is banned, or considered offensive, something is wrong. I say they are animals, those that kill children.

And, I know, im speaking for millions.


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