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Too few speak out

Submitted by Michael Nagel, Nov 3, 2014 12:53

Dr. Ahmed,

I support your courage in expressing the truth of what is happening in the world----the rise of Anti-Semitism.

Of the 1.6 BILLION Muslims, you are one of the few Muslim voices who have denounced the current rise of Radical Islamists, who are hijacking the religion of Islam and distorting it's teaching. The misguided support of these extremists by individuals (including academicians) in European and African countries is more an expression of their Anti-Semitism, rather than a support of Islam. These supporters are sowing the seeds of their own destruction--not understanding that the goal of these Radical Islamists is world domination, where there is no room for dissent or for the practice of other religions.

How can Israel, or any nation, make peace with an adversary that has vowed to annihilate that nation.

Perhaps sanity will return again.

In the interim, Israel and Jews around the world will defend themselves. "NEVER AGAIN"!!

Michael Nagel MD

Survivor of World War II in Europe


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