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George Galloway

Submitted by Canadian, Oct 29, 2014 12:57

Not surprised. His son in-Law is a Muslim guy. He can do whatever it takes to please his Muslims relatives even if he has to go against the interest of his country. Nationalism is at its low in Europe and America. It is a silent effect of immigrants from countries who don't like Europe and America but only interested in to grab the wealth and be benefited from the lenient system of these countries. I don't see that the Law makers are coming out from political Comma. How long it will take we tax payers don't know.Best of luck



Submitted by gary fouse, Oct 9, 2014 17:24

In March 2009, Galloway spoke at UC Irvine as part of his funding tour. They passed boxes around for contributions in full view of a dean of student judicial affairs. (I was there as well. Galloway called me a liar during q and a.) The collection was a violation of university rules since it was not advertised (by the Muslim Student Union) as a funding event. A subsequent UCI investigation concluded it was wrong, but there was nobody culpable to punish!!! Letters were also written to the DOJ asking for an investigation. You know where that went.


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