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Good work, Steve

Submitted by Lee Kaplan, Jan 13, 2010 16:58

Faceless should call himself brainless. The fact that Hamas was elected goes to show the fallacy behind elections always being the source for what is right. Read the Hamas charter. Stalin and Hitler and Saddam Hussein always won their "democratic" elections as did Arafat. If the Germans elected Hitler then attacked America would we be bad for fightng back agaisnt the "democratically elected government of the German people"? The Hamas Charter says it all, the Arabs elected an anti-Semitic, fascist, totalitarian government of cutthroats that deserve no support from the West. "Beneath contempt" is what someone like Faceless is when it comes to stopping Arab fascis. Hamas is al Qaeda and must be stopped.



Submitted by david ben, Dec 27, 2009 08:42

1. true democracy don't do coup d'etat like Hamas did in Gaza

2. true democracy don't throw people from roof because they are of another party (Fatah, in this case)

3. true democracy don't kill civilians to reach political goals like Hamas and Iran do

4. true democracy don't use women nor children like human shields

5. true democracy respect laws and constitution

6. true democracy respect freedom of religion

7. true democracy respect freedom of speech

8. true democracy are not engaged in a war to wipe another country and people of map

9. your idea about true democracy is wrong


Hamas was the lesser evil of two thugs to the Palestinian voters, not a legitimate election

Submitted by To the ISM idiot faceless, Oct 14, 2009 00:38

Some democratic election, faceless, as the Arab voters had only a choice between two terror groups and Fatah was deemed more corrupt. Hamas then murdered the Fatah politicians, throwing them off buildings or shooting them in the head. You call that democracy in action, you fool? So you think supporting Hamas supports democracy? What of their charter advocating the annihilation of the world's Jews? And your position isn't arrogant? As for suffering people in Gaza, that, too, is the fault of Hamas for firing missiles into Israeli communities and using the Gaza population as human shields. I find your crocodile tears about this noxious "charity" far more contemptible than anything else. www.StoptheISM.com .


Viva Palestina is Dirty with Hamas Stink

Submitted by Zack Black, Oct 8, 2009 16:52


You can't handle the truth. The people of Gaza were not given an "election" choice. It was Hamas or death. Much in the same way the people live today in Gaza. If you cross Hamas, you die.

You know it's true.

Viva Palestina supports Hamas, and Hamas IS identified worldwide as a terrorist organization in every sense of the term.

That is why the Charities Commission IS currently investgating VP but VP won't respond to them.

Why not?

Because VP are stinking of support for Hamas.

What kind of turd would attack the messenger?

A "faceless" one, no doubt.


Viva Palestina

Submitted by faceless, Oct 8, 2009 13:20

What a pile of self-important crap. The people of Gaza elected Hamas. If you are against them then you are against the principle of democracy, unless you only believe in the certain kind of democracy that bolsters your own arrogant position?

Viva Palestina is a registered charity in the UK under the control of the Charities Commission. If there are any irregularities that you are aware of, please feel free to inform them. eanwhile people are suffering and you are happy to see that continue. You are beneath contempt and I'd have called you exactly what you are, but you've set your filters to block honest expression.

Rest assured though - you are a massive one.


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