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While Nero Fiddles

Submitted by Michael, Sep 24, 2014 18:04

It's a competition amongst the more conservative Muslims to see which terrorist group is the badest ass on the block. Like inner city gangs they are locked in a turf war with each other. This is nothing new and the mental 7th century tribal culture of Arab orthodox Muslims assures a continuation of Islamic murder and mayhem. Sunni and Shia have been busy whacking each other for 1,500 years. The big difference today is, the entrepreneurial terrorists have now gone into the export business.

I know by his recent words that President Obama doesn't want the religion of Islam ("a beautiful, peaceful religion"} tied to terrorism but it is what it is. Of course all Muslims are not terrorists but Obama's hesitancy to use Islam and terrorism in the same sentence shows either he is out of touch with reality or something far more sinister. In either case, the President's foreign policy has been nothing short of a disaster for the US.

It is no wonder the world cringes under the threat of Islamic barbaric terrorism but based on the past and present, there is a serious reluctance amongst global nations to again follow the Pied Piper Obama into the swamp.


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