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Poor PR

Submitted by Andrew H, Aug 22, 2014 11:07

From a PR standpoint, it works against Israel when they talk about such assassinations. It changes the level of the conflict from what the public has been conditioned to understand in war, the killing of great numbers, which, ironically, is acceptable to the mass, to murder, the killing of individuals which is not acceptable. Israel should not have said a word about this and not commented on it if Hamas announced these killings. The whole operation would have been far more effective from a strategic, tactical and PR standpoint if the IAF had carpet bombed all of Gaza continuously for 48 hours, wiping out everything. It would have been over and done with. The world might have screamed loudly for a few days and the PR damage would have been minimal. Also there would have been no loss of life among the IDF. By dragging it out with intermittent, cease-fire palavers, it becomes a PR nightmare and the objective of getting rid of Hamas fails to be achieved.


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