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Submitted by Jane Waterman, Aug 9, 2014 14:47

I have been saying the same for ages now and I also been saying that it's time for the true Muslims to stand up and be counted!!!



Submitted by dbdent, Aug 5, 2014 06:19

The writing has been on the wall fo a long time. I certainly with others have been bringing all sorts of anti-Semitism to the fore on the net BUT you all decided to ignore it or sweep it under the carpet - do not rock the boat phenomenon.

It will not go away unles you stand up to it . Antisemites are cowards - fight them if you wish to stay in your country of birth. Form vigilante groups - tell the police what you will do.

Alternative - become a Jew and enjoy Israel!


Anti-semitism: A Wake-Up Call for Europe AGAIN!

Submitted by Roger H. Oddson, Aug 4, 2014 15:57

For this kind of conduct to continue throughout Europe is only possible when those in authority do nothing. Belgium, France, The Netherlands and Germany need to take a stand against these outrages and crack down on those doing these terrible against other humans. It's time for the good and honest people to rise up against this tyranny.


European Jews

Submitted by gary fouse, Aug 4, 2014 14:25

And why is the response on the part of the Europeans so weak to protect their Jewish citizens? Because they don't want to offend the Muslims who are responsible for stirring up this hate. In other words, Europeans, as I have said over and over, are tolerating intolerance in the very name of tolerance. What is needed is not the wringing of hands and mere words. What is needed are arrests and stiff jail terms followed by the stripping of citizenship and deportations. The Europeans need to wake up to the fact that once the Jews are gone, they will be coming for all those (nominal) Christians.


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