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You can't lose what you never had

Submitted by Doug Mayfield, Jul 29, 2014 02:58

'...US officials have lost perspective about the conflict and how to prevent the next flare-up.'

No. US officials never had perspective. They refuse to admit what is obvious based on the history of Islam and the middle East going back many decades, if not centuries.

Organizations like Hamas will continue to attack Israel and everyone in free countries around the world until we are all dead or they are exterminated. They will never stop. They will never rest until we are destroyed.

All cease-fires, moratoriums, and other terminally pathetic outbreaks of 'peace' will simply be an opportunity for Hamas to reload.

And those who criminally make excuses for Hamas and every other Islam driven terrorist organization should take responsibility for the next wave of dead bodies. But, of course, they won't because they live their lives in a state of chronic hysterical evasion of the reality that we are at war with Islam and that war will end only when one side or other is eradicated.



Submitted by Scott, Jul 28, 2014 22:03

A Suggestion to stop the conflict;

a) Israel should start actively moving their population away from the disputed GAZA strip border, (stop re-settling people there) and actively prevent radical israelis from gaining popular support. (such as the radical element that burnt the Palestinian boy in retribution for the missing Israli boys, and the radical element that at a recent protest for peace in israel were shouting palestine will be a cemetary...etc etc)

Israel needs to actively seek to cooperate with other Arab nations and to work with Palestinian officials to shut down HAMAS

b) The hard line tactics of Israel are not working. HAMAS hides wepons in schools, hospitals, churches and other public places, Israel in turn are taking to smashing such sites FROM A DISTANCE creating inordanate civilian casualties...in essence for every child , mother, father, brother, killed in these strikes... creates the emotional fodder that groups like HAMAS use to gain support, following and to provide the impetus for retrebution for the deaths of family members.

c) This is an unfortunate situation that I believe WILL require either a special forces ground offensive to take out the HAMAS military sites, or full blown ground offensive to also provide the support and infrustructure to those left behind,

Hesbollah are also closely watching this conflict unfold, and are closely watching any outcome. If they become involved things will be different again...!

At any rate, something different needs to be done, John Kerry needs to provide something more substantive to the table govt rhetoric will not cut it any more...having said this the US needs to stand well away from this conflict. Further military involvement should be in the form of UN military only (IMO)

This region is a powder keg...any involvement should be "slowly slowly"


NOT Kerry

Jul 28, 2014 19:17

We lose perspective and truth when we give Kerry credit for the US Demands for Israeli surrender, oops ceasefire.

Kerry can do NOTHING with explicit directives from his BOSS, the Teflon President.


John Kerry and Obama

Submitted by Kristi, Jul 28, 2014 18:25

Hanoi John Kerry a Traitor from the past and Present!! Obama / Biden / Kerry and the muslim brotherhood in the White-House are All Anti-Israel / Anti-Zionism / Anti-Semitism / Anti-Christian / Anti-USA!!

This is Shameful of Hanoi John Kerry!!


Obama and Kerry aren't thick-headed amateurs

Submitted by Edward Cline, Jul 28, 2014 17:31

It doesn't matter what Israel does: It can set up hospitals on the front lines to take care of Gazan medical needs; it could send a thousand volunteer Israeli bathing beauties to act as prostitutes for the Hamas rank-and-file; it could put on an all-star USO-type show to raise the morale of Hamas's combatants; it could donate half of Israel's GNP to rebuild Gaza -- it won't matter to "world opinion" and won't matter to Obama or Kerry: Hamas will want to annihilate Israel. This is why I think it's foolish for the Israelis to continue supplying Gaza with electricity, medical supplies, food, and other "necessities," because doing so isn't buying Israel any love anywhere, especially not in the White House or in the MSM. The best policy would be to suffocate Gaza, and consequently Hamas. When Gazans are living in Stone Age conditions, perhaps they'll revolt against Hamas, who, as the Prime Minister has stated without hesitation or apology, want to pile up as many Gazan casualties as possible, and isn't hesitant to sacrifice or kill them itself. Extinguish Hamas down to the very last atom. No retreat by Israel, no surrender! That should be Israel's battle cry. Finally, Kerry and Obama aren't stupid. They're malign, nihilistic. They want to see Israel destroyed, as painfully as possible in a long,-drawn-out death through endless ceasefires. Calling them thick-headed is crediting them a humanity they don't deserve.


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You can't lose what you never had [166 words]

Doug Mayfield 

Jul 29, 2014 02:58

A SUGGESTION [295 words]


Jul 28, 2014 22:03

NOT Kerry [32 words]


Jul 28, 2014 19:17

John Kerry and Obama [40 words]


Jul 28, 2014 18:25

Obama and Kerry aren't thick-headed amateurs [236 words]

Edward Cline 

Jul 28, 2014 17:31

150% Correct [50 words]


Jul 28, 2014 17:25

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