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Deja Vu, again and again

Submitted by J. Lopey, Jul 17, 2014 11:10

Thank you for telling it like it is--It absolutely ridiculous to assume that any other country in the world would not protect itself if attacked (i.e. 100-150 missile strikes per day). If it were not for the iron dome the Israeli casualties would not doubt be catastrophic. I also opine that until the general masses reject groups like HAMAS, peace will be impossible. Extremism is the enemy of all peoples in the Middle East and elsewhere. I also believe however that the credibility of HAMAS is waning and disappearing all together. Let's hope that this a trend that catches fire.


Deja Vu, again and again.

Submitted by Liz W., Jul 17, 2014 01:02

It's true, the U.S. has started its "cease fire" soft shoe routine again, just like in 2012. And just like in every single battle, skirmish and war Israel's had to fight since 1967. Unfortunately, every time we, the U.S., have pressured Israel to settle for a cease fire, we've also prevented her from delivering to the enemy the coup de grace that ensures those Jew haters will think a lot harder before coming after Israel again. Israel wins on the battle field, but U.S. meddling always turns those military victories into defeats on the diplomatic front, with Israel being forced to help her enemies live to fight her another day. This has got to stop. Thankfully, it seems as if Netanyahu is finally ready to call the shots as he sees them; not as the U.S. wants them.


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