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Political Islam?

Submitted by Geppetto, Jul 18, 2014 17:16

Here again Islam is incorrectly divided between political Islam and a more moderate version. The implication is that there is a more typically religious sect of peace loving Muslims and those who have also been referred to as "radicals who have hijacked a religion," The fact is, at least according to numerous scholars who have spent a good deal of their lives studying Islam and its sacred texts, that there is no such thing as radical Islam. There is orthodox Islam based on said texts that specify in great detail the political, legal (Sharia) and social dogma that must be rigorously followed by those who call themselves Muslims; not radical Muslims. Those so called moderate Muslims, perhaps Quanta Ahmed among them, are the "radicals." Those who are far more dangerous and violent and who are now declaring war on the moderates (read this: http://www.raymondibrahim.com/from-the-arab-world/new-islamic-caliphate-declares-jihad-on-muslims/) are what Ms Ahmed incorrectly refers to as adherents of political Islam. They consider themselves the true believers, warriors conducting a Jihad to purge the world of all who are not in their orthodox fold.


What "Palestine?"

Submitted by Kristy, Jul 18, 2014 14:34

I love this publication and am in agreement with most of what is posted here. However, I do have a problem with the title of this article. Please show me a recognized country named "Palestine." Is there a currency, or a language? No. "Palestine" is the name that Roman conquerors gave to the land of Israel, who, by the way, was named by God. Most modern day "Palestinians" want nothing more than the genocide of the Jewish people, and to give legitimacy to "Palestine" is not only irresponsible and deadly, it is antisemitic on its face.


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