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Submitted by Lawrence, Jul 6, 2014 05:06

What goes around comes around.


Muslims Murder Muslims

Submitted by Mickey Oberman, Jul 2, 2014 22:31

This research should have been carried to all countries where Muslims reside.

It is indicative of an insane, immoral, anti human cult gone wild and fully justifies whatever means are necessary to rid all non Islamic countries of potential mass murderers just waiting for an opportunity to explode into violence.

That type of violence is seen more and more in most EU countries.

Heaven help them. But it may be too late for some of them to rouse from their slumbers.

Tolerance has proven to be suicidal when it is Muslims with their death wish culture who are being tolerated.

Intolerance has got to be equated with survival if the western world is to withstand Islam's hidden warfare from within.


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