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Make it simple and sensible

Submitted by A.T. Halmay, Jun 19, 2014 20:26

Let Iran protect the Shias and fight on their behalf. Stay out of there. Iran should be capable of controlling them and if they take heavy losses in the process, Halleluiah. As for the hotheads from the civilized world who run over there to fight, let them give up their lives because they didn't fit or belong in the free world in the first place. You are well rid of them. Under no circumstances ever let them return even if they were born in the country to which they try to return.


No exactly Rip Van Winkle But Almost

Submitted by Sally Nussbaum, Jun 19, 2014 20:08

It has been apparent for a few years that Britain was being bullied by Islamics. I knew it here in the USA. Always wondered why David Cameron didn't know, he being there and all and in the power seat, while I am just a private senior citizen living in a The Bronx, NY, USA. Welcome on board, David! Hope you are serious enough to take action before your country becomes part of the Caliphate!


British PM Warns of ISIS attack

Jun 19, 2014 17:45

Just wondering if anyone knows how many Americans have gone over to the other side. It seems Australian and British governments are honest in detailing their traitors, but I have seen no such figures coming out of the WH. Well, I know of one definitely, and maybe ten or twelve more, but ....


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