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Exactly WHERE is the money going?

Submitted by Outraged American, May 31, 2014 07:48

"The Hill examined the Pentagon's "Section 1206" budget request for 2012 and found it increased more than $71 million in 2014, to $290 million."

Wake up America. This administration is robbing our treasury blind and no one is paying attention. There are billions "missing" from the State Dept. and now they are asking for more than 4 times the former budget to enrich God only knows who. This money will go to more Obama donors (or his terrorist buddies) who will not use it for it's intended purpose.

There is still billions "unaccounted for" from the stimulus. At every turn, we read about billions of taxpayer dollars just disappearing. Is Obama padding his retirement nest so he can continue to live the life of a sultan once he is out of office and the taxpayers are no longer funding his created lifestyle?

Just asking. Someone needs to investigate where this money went.


Great idea!

Submitted by Ed, May 21, 2014 17:12

Yes, let's outsource to say... Iran?




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