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Targeting of commuter train

Submitted by Mickey Oberman, May 20, 2014 04:09

Geppetto has taken the wind out of my sails.

He has said what has to be said lucidly, succinctly and fully.

Thank you, Geppetto.

Pinnocch\io (Mickey)



Submitted by Geppetto, May 19, 2014 14:52

"the video serves as a reminder that Hamas is a terrorist organization committed solely to attacking and trying to destroy Israel."

That a "reminder" is still necessary says volumes about the Israeli/Palestinian so called "peace process." That much of the world remains ensnared in the worldwide propaganda bubble that is convinced Israel is and has always been the aggressor, despite mountains of evidence to the contrary, is indicative of the extreme intransigence that still surrounds this issue.

That there are those who have come to, and continue to believe that the defeat or removal of Israel from the Middle East will resolve and end all the Muslim violence perpetrated against the west around the world says volumes about the inherent, human, psychological weakness that makes the violent, brutal, bullying tactics of Jihad so dangerous.

Until the west acknowledges the reality that Islam intends to subdue and control the world under Sharia law, that this political, theological force is enemy number one and begins to respond with overwhelming force, this madness will continue.


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