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Boko Haram

Submitted by Edward Cline, May 13, 2014 18:45

I don't understand why people, especially so-called experts on Islam, keep referring to "radical Islam." Islam is "radical" down to its roots. There is nothing redeeming in any facet of Islam. Would anyone today refer to Nazism as "radical Nazism"? Why not? Did not Nazism necessarily resort to violence to impose its will? Was not Nazism as totalitarian as is Islam? Another oft-repeated error is divorcing Sharia from Islam. Islam is nothing without Sharia, a primitive, anti-conceptual, anti-mind theology/ideology. Sharia is Islam. Islam cannot be reformed or rendered harmless. Its whole character is defined by conquest, force, death, and the willing self-abnegation of its adherents. Divorcing Islam from its most salient characteristics is an error that can also explain why Islam is so virulent and spreading not only in Africa but in Western countries. Just because 95% of Muslims don't go on the jihad path doesn't mean they're passive or benign. Islam is a cancer. Sharia and Islam are co-dependent only in the abstract. But Islam and Sharia are thoroughly integrated. I wish more people would grasp that fact.


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