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A new hire/promotion

Submitted by Denise, Apr 22, 2014 14:53

Have you looked recently at Robert Malley and what he is now doing? He is clearly advising John Kerry and the WH on the Hamas, PLO, Israel, Syria playbook. Even the Saudis are real worried about this guy.


Thank you for this article

Submitted by Margaret, Apr 18, 2014 11:14

Thank you for this important article and the work that you do. It is sad to see corporations sell themselves out for an organization like CAIR that obviously does not value the United States constitution & the freedom it symbolizes for all. It is clear that CAIR is just part of a list of Islamic front groups that are trying to push for a future caliphate whereby Islam rules over all. This is there real objective. If we Americans ignore it now it will only be a matter of time they will have entrenched themselves in our legal system as in our court rooms as judges & lawyers. In fact, this is already happening.

Pennsylvania: Atheist Dressed as Mohamed in Halloween Parade is Attacked by Muslim (Muslim judge shows bias & finds the attacker not guilty)



Financial institutions co-sponsor Cair

Submitted by Barbara Griffith, Apr 17, 2014 22:22

As I have said before what is happening in the US now is exactly how the take over of Europe was started. They were allowed to immigrate to the countries and once they get there they begin to produce the large families they can't support which the tax payers then are forced to take on that expense. They are finishing off Europe by the numbers and that is what they have up their sleeve for the US and with these US corporations backing Cair and boot licking these terrorists it just goes to show you just how low these corporations have dropped.


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