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No one supports cruelty ..."Politics Play and Honest People Pay..."

Submitted by sylva portoian, Apr 3, 2014 05:40

Armenians know who are the Turks very well…

"Kill, Rape, Confiscate, Lie, Deny…"

This is their motto… and their genes…

No one can change their DNA…

Turks use to cut Armenian and Kurdish tongues

during Ottoman era…If they spoke their mother tongue

and trained their people on this criminal concept–––

"If you kill any Armenian you go to heaven"

So they stated killing 1.5 in 1915 till today and since they arrived a millennium before,Thus, count how many they butchered by their scimitars to define their ––– Genocides after Genocides…!!!

Thus Armenians became Minority and they are Majority…

And according to recent studies, 10% of Turks have Armenian genes…through rape and Turkification (I don't like to use Islamatization, because they did change the identity of Armenians: name, surname, language, culture, ethnicity, religion, evem they applied on Arabs who are muslims before them, Arabs call it Tattrek (turkification) …As they say the Turkish President Gul's grandmothers are Turkified Armenian…and many others...How can one reject and insult his natural genes...did humanity reach such a degree? but fear from turkish scimitar can do any thing...changing honesty to lie and act cruel...and deny...!!!


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