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So were the Nazi's

Submitted by elithefanatic, Mar 21, 2014 13:09

More than 90% of Hitler's Gestapo and SS were college graduates and from mostly middle to upper class homes. A notable percent(I forgot the statistic) held PhD's. If one adheres to a barbaric, misogynistic, racist, homophobic, violent religion then no amount of money or education will make a difference…only brute force will stop the Muslim crusade.


No surprise

Submitted by Geppetto, Mar 20, 2014 18:30

To those who've been reading about Muslim terrorists since 9/11 what is surprising and alarming is that terrorist acts are still portrayed by prominent administration and media figures as resulting from fringe individuals from poor, uneducated backgrounds. The orthodox Muslim leadership makes no effort to refute this and why should they? It is the dhimmi westerners preferred narrative and suits the Jihadist's purposes perfectly.


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